Below are some of the favourite dive sites in Perhentian Island, Terengganu, Malaysia.

TOKONG LAUT – Max. Depth: 25m

Arguably one of the best dive sites in the Perhentians. A series of underwater boulders and pinnacles plays home to all manner of marine life. Pufferfish and boxfish are common here along side several species of anemonefish living amonst the vivid corals. Bigger pelagics are also often spotted including barracuda and tuna with large schools of snappers and fusiliers sweeping in and out of the formations. If you’re lucky and the season is right you may glimpse a whale shark here however numbers have dwindled recently. Bamboo and Nurse sharks have also known to make there homes in the rocky hideaways at Tokong Laut.

SUGAR WRECK – Max Depth: 18m

This 90 meter cargo ship sank in 2000, she now lies on her side in around 18 meters of water. Reef adaptation can be seen here as already there are corals and shells growing on the hull. Big schools of snappers, jacks and trevally circle the hulk and myriad smaller fish shelter inside. Penetration is possible for experienced divers and the engine room, wheelhouse and cabins are all accessible.

Three Brothers as its known in English is probably one of the best dive sites in the Perhentians. It boasts some large coral formations, barrel sponges, soft whip corals and gorgonian fans. Fish life can be equally as impressive with schools of mackerel and barracuda. The big boulder formations create some impressive swimthroughs and canyons here and if you are fortunate you may spot a huge Jenkins Whipray or black tip shark.

VIETNAMESE WRECK – Max. Depth: 22m

Sunk in the early 1970’s, this site is one of the must dives in Perhentian. Often a challenging dive due to the upswing currents, divers are rewarded with the sheer variety of marine life such as boxfish, devil scorpionfish, great barracudas, batfish, jacks, wrasses, giant groupers and stone fish. Easy to penetrate making this wreck a fantastic experience. Don’t forget to bring your underwater torch!

TANJUNG BASI – Max. Depth: 18m

On the northern tip of Perhentian Besar is a peninsular with a reef at round 10 to 18 meters. There are some big rock formations and a couple of small caves and swimthroughs. As the current is often stronger here there are usually schools of bigger fish such as barracuda, trevally and mullet. There are also often big groupers lurking around in the depths.

KARANG SELAT (Secret Reef) Max. Depth: 28m

The secret has been revealed. A deeper dive sloping down to sandy bottom, this submerged reef’s landscape is awashed with lush black corals and high density of fishes You will see lionfish, lobster, puffer fish, Bamboo sharks and schooling jacks. Plus, a whole lot more.

TANJUNG BUTONG (North Point) Max. Depth: 26m

Jumble of rocks descending to sand are a haven for critters and large fishes. Fantastic variety of fish life such as filefish, razorfish, groupers, trevallies, schooling barracudas and jacks. Whalesharks are sometimes spotted here.

TELUK KERMA (D’Lagoon Bay) – Max. Depth: 15m

A favorite playground of novice and open water students, this relaxing and easy to dive lagoon is home to blue spotted rays, giant stingrays and friendly humphead wrasses. Variety of hard corals and the occasional turtles added to the attraction.

BATU NISAN – Max. Depth: 16m

A gentler and shallower dive here where there is an abundance of giant clams, anemones and christmas tree worms. There maybe stingrays resting on the sandy bottom here. A good spot for a night dive as crabs, shrips and feather stars are in abundance as are parrotfish which will be asleep and encased by nightfall.

SHARKS POINT – Max. Depth: 15m

Our own “house reef”, a mere 2 minutes away from our beach, lies an underrated dive site. Jumble of rocks support black corals, plentiful of “nemos” (clown fish) housed in colorful sea anemones, myriads of damsel fish, hawksbill turtle and yes, true to its namesake, black tip reef sharks. A favorite night dive site, ask us a trick on how to attract these sharks to swim close – if you dare.

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