The islands lay some 20km off Kuala Besut on the Peninsula Malaysia’s northeastern coast. They form the northernmost part of Terengganu Marine Park, which also comprises a number of other islands; Pulau Lang Tengah, Pulau Redang, Pulau Bidong and Pulau Tenggol.

Perhentian Island is surrounded by warm, crystal clear water filled with a great variety of brilliantly coloured tropical fish and coral reefs offering excellent diving and snorkeling in an extremely idyllic and laid back setting.

The island comprises two main islands –Perhentian Besar (big island) and Perhentian Kecil (small island). Both surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and brilliant rock formation.

There are more than 20 popular dive sites just around Perhentian Islands itself. From a nice relaxing reef dive to an adventurous shipwrecks and deep dives!

If you are looking for some adventure, exploring the magnificent underwater world or just relaxing having some FUN in the sun, see new people and make new friends than you have found the right place –Welcome to Perhentian Islands!

When is the best time to enjoy your scuba diving in Perhentian Island, Malaysia?

From beginning of March to the end of October.
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Cash, travel cheque or credit card.

Very limited business premises will accept your credit card. You can change your travel cheque at selective bank in Jerteh. Jerteh is a small town located 12 KM from Kuala Besut jetty.

Useful facts about the islands:

Local Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (RM). US$1.00 is about RM3.50 or €1.00 is about RM4.50.
Language: Bahasa Malaysia (similar to Bahasa Indonesia), English is widely understood and spoken.
No bank or ATM machine or licensed moneychanger available on the island.
Very few resort/chalet operations accept credit card, travelers’cheque or foreign currency (be prepared to bring extra cash). We do accept all of them!
Some resorts only have electricity from 1900 hours to 0000 hours (24 Hrs at Flora Bay Resort).
Mode of transportation: sea taxi (no car, no bike!)

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