PADI ADVENTURES IN DIVING in Perhentian Island, Malaysia

If you are you looking for the ultimate adventure to spice up your dives; you’ve found it!! PADI Adventure In Diving programs fine tunes your dive skills and allows you to explore some of diving’s top adventure. IT’S YOUR DIVE –GO FOR IT!!

The PADI Adventures in Diving program offers you a well-structured program where you gain additional experience and skills under the supervision of our highly experienced PADI Instructors. This performance-based program has a lot of practical value. It provides a convenient, enjoyable way to get the taste of each PADI Specialty courses that interests you. On top of that, this program will extend your diving abilities to go beyond an entry-level diver’s limit!

The Adventures in Diving results in two level of certifications –PADI Adventure Diver and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. To be certified as an Adventure Diver you will need to complete any three adventure dives, and to be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver you will need to complete five adventure dives including Deep and Navigation adventure dives.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification is also a prerequisite for continuing your education to the PADI Rescue Diver and the PADI Divemaster course.

PADI Adventure Diver –minimum 1 day
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver –Minimum 2 days

Course Overview
This program is divided into two components; knowledge development and open water training dives.
Knowledge Development (3 for Adventure Diver and 5 for Advanced Open Water Diver):
Good news. No more long classroom sessions and NO EXAM!
-Independent study using the Adventure In Diving manual
-Answering knowledge reviews of the specific adventure dive chosen
-Reviewing knowledge reviews with instructor
-Discuss about skills need to be performed and dive plan with instructor
-Listening to instructor’s briefing on specific adventure dive

Open water training adventure dive (3 for Adventure Diver and 5 for Advanced Open Water Diver):
-Review and practice skills on land (if needed)
-Complete required skills/tasks under supervision of instructor
-Debriefing and feedback from instructor
-Log dive

Core adventure dive (for Advanced Open Water Diver only):
-Deep dive
-Navigation dive

Elective adventure dive (for both certifications):
-Peak Performance Buoyancy dive – recommended
-Enriched Air Nitrox dive – recommended
-Night dive – recommended
-Wreck dive – recommended
-Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) dive – recommended
-Multilevel dive
-Underwater Naturalist dive
-Fish Identification dive
-Search and Recovery dive
-Boat dive
-Underwater Digital Photography dive

Min. age:
PADI Adventure Diver course – 10 years or older
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver 12 years or older

Prerequisite Certification:
PADI Open Water Diver or qualifying certification from another training organization.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is only RM1000.00.
PADI Adventure Diver course is only RM700.00.
This prices includes:
-Instructional fee
-PADI Adventures in Diving Lite Pack (manual & dive table)
-PADI Student Record File & Training Record
-Logbook & temporary certification card
-PADI Gold Certification card
-Equipment Rentals
-5 Knowledge development sessions (3 for PADI Adventure Diver)
-5 Adventure dives (3 for PADI Adventure Diver)
-Guaranteed small class of maximum 4 students to 1 instructor
-Flora Bay Divers T-shirt upon completion
-10% lifetime discount on future dive trips
-10% lifetime discount on continuing education courses
-20% lifetime discount on equipment purchases

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